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Tigers Athletics

Ragsdale High School


Tigers Athletics

Ragsdale High School

Tigers Athletics

Ragsdale High School

Team News.

Team News

5 months ago @ 1:05PM

Updated August Practice Schedule

Updated August Practice Schedule

Tuesday August 10-Thursday September 2

Practice Monday-Thursday 6:00-7:30 for the Month of August.  Practice time will change after September 2

This is from the Athletic Director for the month of August no outside practice until 6:00pm

Team News

6 months ago @ 12:29PM by Ann Popek

Practice Schedule 2021 XC season

Practice starts Tuesday August 10-Thursday September 2

Practice 6:00-7:30pm unless otherwise stated. 

September 6-October 21 

Practice 4:15-5:30 unless otherwise stated

Mandatory practice and meets are Monday-Thursday until Thursday October 21 all other meets and practices will be optional or tentative.

XC/TRACK Rules and Expectations

Your child/athlete will need the following things on a daily basis;

  1. Water bottle with name on it
  2. Good fitting running shoes
  3. Warm clothing/warmups/outdoor wear.
  4. Good attitude/grades/attendance/class behavior
  5. Solid Black compression shorts for competition or solid black running shorts


1. Athletes must come to every practice.  Practice is Monday-Thursday 4:15-5:30 (except August) unless otherwise posted.  Athletes that are tardy or absent more than 1 time per week will not be allowed to race that week.  If this is a weekly pattern athlete will be dismissed from the team. After 3 absences athlete will be dismissed from team. (The schedule has multiple dates with no practice)

2. Parents and athletes must attend the Eligibility meeting and fill out all paperwork concerning participation in athletics.  Parents are expected to know the team expectations and adhere to all team rules.  Athletes must adhere to the Athletic Participation Form

3. Athletes will do the workout that the coach designs.  Athletes will not do their own or parent/club/private coach workout during official team practice! NO CLUB OR UNNATTACHED ATHLETES you must be a part of the high school team NO EXCEPTIONS!

4.  Athletes will respect coaches and do what the coaches ask of them in a respectful manner, the first time.

5.  Athletes will be respectful of team mates regardless of ability.  They will encourage everyone to do their best.

6. Athletes will be respectful and represent Ragsdale High School to the highest of sportsmanship at competition. 

7.  Athletes must go to meets on school activity bus and RETURN home on activity bus. Athletes must have written permission to go home with parent from meets; this is only for extreme circumstances and must be arranged with Coach in advanced. ONLY parents can take their child home from a meet and only after they have spoken to COACHES BEFORE they take their child home. 

8. All athletes must be able to run, without stopping, the team warm-up and complete the designed workout to their best ability. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN BEING CUT FROM THE TEAM.

10. Injured athletes must be check by athletic trainer within 24 hours of injury.  If an athlete is injured to the point he/she cannot participate in practice the athlete must see his physician and be cleared for practice.

11. All athletes will conduct themselves outside and during school with impeccable character…you are representing the XC/track team as well as the high school.

12. Coaches will determine who participates in which meet and what events; not the athlete, parent, or club/private coach.  Failure to give best effort in any event or miss the event intentionally will result is suspension from the team.

13. Away meets are for selected Varsity Athletes and will be limited on who participates.  Invitational and Championship meets have entry standards and only selected athletes will participate

14. Athletes selected on relays (including the listed alternates) are expected to run that relay unless serious illness or family situation!  Failure to run a relay can be a dismissal from the team and removal from championship meets.

15. Athletes are expected to participate in EVERY scheduled meet failure to do so can result in dismissal from team.

16. Uniforms are only given to Varsity athletes the day of competition and MUST be turned in at the end of competition failure to do so will result in suspension from the next track meet.


Varsity letters are only awarded to athletes that compete at championship meets.


Any athlete who cannot adhere to the expectations will be dismissed from the team.


Please remember that the coaches are looking out for the best interest of the student/athlete.  Our way has to be the only way to insure that every team member is safe and healthy!


Please contact me if you have any comments or concerns.

Anne Popek

XC/Track Coach

336-420-1048 text only


All important information, schedule changes, meet and practice information, as well as your athletes progress and practice/meet information are posted on Ragsdale High School (